Thursday, July 2, 2015

Teen Perspective on Adventure Sailing -

It's been an eventful couple of weeks! We went to the island Pentecost and saw Land Diving, followed by a huge celebration the local village held in honor of the land diving season being over in which we watched them slaughter a calf and cook it. We tried Kava, a slightly narcotic plant that they drink as part of tradition, and picked leaves from the trees to use as plates for the dinner! My cousin has held a couple of clinics now, that Cass and I have helped with, treating sores and wounds and helping how ever we can. We're traveling north through Vanuatu and I reeled in my first fish while underway, a 30lbs Yellow Tail Tuna! Yesterday Cassidy and I swam and jumped from a waterfall, and today we went snorkeling in the clearest waters I've ever seen among beautiful coral reefs. We are on the island Maewo and plan to sail to Malakula next. Can't wait to post photos! Unfortunately the service here won't permit much photo sharing.


Great Sailing -

2-3 hour sail this morning with just our genoa in 20-25 knot winds. Made it to the southern tip of the island of Maewo! Kids played at the waterfall, the girls went snorkeling. Yet another wonderful place!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yellow Tail Tuna -

This is the third one of three that we have caught in the last couple of days!  They are really the best!  Good times!

And no lures lost!  We're doing something right!


Miranda pulled in her first fish!!  All by herself!  And it's a beauty!


Bleeding Patients -

OK it's official, I'm bleeding patients now. The chief land diver really jacked up his leg on Friday, swollen from the foot to the knee. I gave him an ACE wrap, ibuprofen, codeine on Saturday. He came today and told me it wasn't working, he needed me to let out the bad blood. I explained that we in western medicine try to re absorb the blood through elevation, compression, muscle exercises, etc. He asked for a needle to bleed himself, so I gave him one. On Friday, he cut his bad blood with a broken bottle, so I figured a clean needle was a good plan. He then insisted I do it. So I cleaned it with betadine and used a needle and syringe to draw 2 ml of blood out of the swollen part of his foot. Then i put a bandaid on it, he wanted it off, it was supposed to bleed. I told him if I did the procedure, then I need him to elevate it and do exercises for me. We shall see. I tried to find the win-win plan, but I think neither of us was quite satisfied. I reiterate, land diving is not quite as gentle as it looks on the joints.