Thursday, July 30, 2015

Independence Celebration -

So yesterday was Vanuatu's 30th year of Independence!  Everyone gathered at the large park. There were about 5 groups of troops, one was a marching band, one had guns, one had white pants, and the other looked like suits!

It was a windy day, with occasional showers. There was this huge red arrow staked out on the ground where the French were going to parachute in. Finally the plane flew overhead and four jumpers jumped and started parachuting down. All went well for the first 3 parachutes but the forth managed to land in the crowd.

Later in the evening they had fire dancing, which was one of the best fire dancer shows that I have seen. In one part of the fire dance they take some jelled gasoline soaked into a rag that they spin as fast as they can. As it spins faster little globs of napalm shoot off it in a beautiful arc! And to make it even more spectacular they let it hit the ground as it is spinning, making even a greater arc.

The only issue that I saw was that one of the dancers hair caught on fire for a short while from some flying gasoline! He got it out quickly and continued as if that was quite normal.