Thursday, September 17, 2015

Snakes and Sharks

There have been snakes and sharks everywhere. Most of the sharks are in the 3-foot range, but Shannon found a 6-footer when we were diving earlier today. He was just sleeping peacefully on the bottom.

Now the sea snakes are super friendly, and unfortunately the children have started to interact with them a little. When I went to shore this afternoon, all five of the little children had a snake in hand. I had them set free, but unfortunately there is an endless supply. Now Integrity wants a snake for a pet! He is always on the edge of coolness!  The snakes are black and orange/grey stripped. I believe that it is a sea krait, but not really sure.

Beautiful sunny days! We moved anchorages today to a more all-weather anchorage, so that we don't end up on the coral if the wind changes!

Good times,


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Little Hop -

We took a little sail over to an island called Ndo. Not sure how to pronounce it!  It is a perfect little island with a white soft sandy beach all around, lots of black tip reef sharks swimming in the shallows with their fins sticking out, tons of sea snakes. These sea snakes are black and grey/red striped. They are super friendly, and not concerned with little hands petting them.

The anchorage is a little small for my comfort; we put the anchor on one side of the anchorage and hang on the other side. As long as the wind doesn't shift a lot we will be just fine.

The water is super clear, and diving is certainly on tap for tomorrow! The ocean is decidedly cold at 72 degrees. Does anybody know where our wetsuits are?

Our plan is to bounce around these little islands/reefs for the next week or two, then get some more fresh food before departing for another couple of weeks of exploring. The dream is to jump to New Zealand in late October. Should be fun. Hope it is warmer down there!

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Caledonia

Enjoying New Caledonia!! Gorgeous super fine and soft white sandy beaches, turquoise water, coral, sea turtles, and warm/cool weather, not too hot for sure! Launched the motorcycle in isle de pines, Cassidy and I hiked to the mountain top yesterday for 360 degree views. We've all been out to explore the caves, two at a time on the motorcycle. Walked to see a jail ruins from 1881, which was very interesting. And generally enjoying playing on the beach. You can walk right across this peninsula to another beach across the street. From the dock we saw a lion fish, a sea snake and lots of tropical fish that the kids couldn't help but feed their baguettes to. We will be going to a more remote location to celebrate Cassidy's 17th birthday in a few days!! This is great, but our own island and own beach is even greater!!