Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Sailboats With Kids -

The boat that washed up on Suwarrow was named "Amiable" we believe.

We're doing great!  Had a potluck last night with 15 kids onboard, so we've found another group of kid boats and are doing well!  Innocence slept over at one and Integrity at another.  Vitality went with Innocence, but decided to come home at 9 pm when they other girls didn't want to keep the light on.  That was probably a good plan on her part.  She had a play-date all day today and fell asleep early. 

Courage and I swam with mantas this morning while another mom came and sat with our kids.  Innocence swam with the mantas with her overnight family.  Then this afternoon, I babysat 2 little ones while their parents took the motorcycle out for a couple of hours.  The kids are 4 and 2, they are Swiss German, so small network and they rarely get time away.  They seem to have really enjoyed it! 

There are 6 boats in this anchorage, all kid boats.  Thank goodness they were all at the party last night since at a few points, we were really loud playing on the deck!!

We found a bird washed up on the beach, but still in the water drifting.  I thought it was dead, but Valiant pet it and it moved.  I picked it up and brought it home.  Not sure what's wrong, definitely a broken leg, but wings seem to move symmetrically, but it's not flying.  Top of its beak is broken, but that doesn't really look fresh???  Put it in a box with a towel and spoon-fed it some water, which it drank pretty well.  Gave it some milk/water the second time, and some weevils mashed up in the water the third time (not going to mention where I got the weevils).  Thought he was going to die for sure, but he looks somewhat perky at times and drinking water is reassuring.  He even pooped once.  That usually doesn't happen if you're not doing somewhat well??  Shalet - any suggestions for him?  Needless to say, the kids are tickled to death to have a pet, but we're really trying to leave him alone to rest since your body heals better with rest.  Hard to get around here!  Valiant just discovered him this evening again.  Darn!

Small update from Bora Bora - - We are keeping busy, doing well, exploring new places.

Today stopped by Bloody Mary's restaurant.  It's the famous one from Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" song.  We didn't stop to eat, maybe when we return with Cassidy we'll celebrate our 11th anniversary revisiting Bora Bora and eating a cheeseburger in paradise.  We believe we identified our honeymoon spot on the motu in the south east corner, but aren't 100% sure yet.  I'd remember it if we took the dinghy there, but not across the whole bay where you can hardly make out details.  We may move down in the next day or two, just soaking up the last of the kid boats who are mostly continuing on west as we go east to pick up Cassidy and re-visit the Society islands with her.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Bora Bora Manta Rays


The secret hidden manta viewing spot was finally located here at Bora Bora. The first day it was raining, and the mantas were out in force. We found a group of four. They are distinctly different that the ones that we saw in the Marqueses.

These have the same large flipper fins that help guide more plankton into their gaping mouths, but when they are not feeding they roll these flipper fins into two horns protruding from their head. The also have white shading on their top, and a tiny fin down by their tails. Rumor has it these are Devil Manta Rays because of their horns. All great stuff!!!

Soon we will be heading to the seahorse hideout to see what is there. (We are thinking seahorses!!) Then it is off to the stingray and shark feeding station!!!

Life is tough out here, but somehow we are managing!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Day in the Life -


So we have found that if we run the water-maker about 2 hours every 5 days, we are able to keep the batteries from completely dying, and that we have enough water to survive for another week, and do a load of laundry!

The new improved shorter rudder is nearly ready for re-install. As I keep talking with people it becomes more and more obvious that a lot of people hit their rudders. There is even a guy at Raiatia who specializes in repairing bent and chewed up rudders. Apparently there is enough business to create a specialty. The trick seems to be to have an easily straightened rudder shaft, and materials enough to do any needed repairs.

We should be heading off to the fabled Bora-Bora within a few days. The dream is to climb up the tallest peak, and take some great photos!!