Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kim's Photos -

A few pictures from Tonga to American Samoa... It was a beautiful first passage except for me being nauseous from swaying of the boat. I opted to sleep out underneath the stars and sighted a is hung boat in our path it moved out of our way.

Shopping Day =

Got the motorcycle launched today, went to the hardware store, a cloth store and cost u less. Cost u less is a Costco!!! Without membership. We haven't had this kind of variety OR this good of prices, even in Panama!! Very excited! We got apples and carrots today (carrying everything on the motorcycle), but they have broccoli, frozen peas (a commodity), salmon, chicken breasts, craisins, soo many things!! All kinds of nuts and cheeses! Tomorrow we may get to do some sightseeing, hiking and swimming with our friends on hotspur in their truck! Really a gorgeous island, we have a lot of exploring to do in a very little time . . .

Friday, March 27, 2015


American Samoa Canoe Races -

How to turn a long skinny boat without flipping it.

And they are off -

Swimming on the way to Samoa -

So we did some swimming on our lazy sail to Samoa. It was perfect spinnaker sailing, and super easy with the new spinnaker sock!

And just for clarification no bathing suits were lost in the making of this video!


We made it! - arrived in Samoa

Had a wonderful trip full of sunshine and swimming. One of our best trips ever!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Swimming -

We are having a fantastic time! The wind for the first day was perfect, and as it slowly died we did our famous swimming (AKA trolling for sharks). We use two ropes with knots dragging behind the boat and everyone participates in getting pulled through the water. We did not lose any bathing suits this time, but the camera was ready for just such an emergency!!!

Ultimately as we got around the 3-knot range we started diving off the bow, drifting between the hulls, and grabbing the rope as we exited. Talk about a perfect/wonderful time.

You will see a place on the tracking device where we actually stopped and did some swimming also.  We are motoring now with 3.8 knots of wind. Not that we are in a rush, but because cyclone Reuben's waves are starting to make themselves more and more noticeable!!!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Heading Out -

Got a ton done today!! Currently casting off for American Samoa! Dive tanks filled, propane filled, generator serviced, motorcycle onboard, final shopping run, changed out all of our final monies, goodbyes to friends, ice cream and departure!! See you when we find Internet again!

Destination American Samoa -

Looking at leaving for American Samoa tomorrow evening. Tropical depression on the horizon, will check and decide tomorrow.

New Cockpit