Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Loading a tank -

Heading Out -

The time has come to start getting serious about moving again. This time we will be doing a lot more cruising and only some clinics and food distribution.

But the fun is only beginning! Tomorrow morning we are scheduled to load as many 10000 liter water tanks onto our decks for an 80 mile sail to an island to the North called Epi. Should be another of those epic experiences!

We have also stashed a bunch of food on board that was donated to an Aussie who lives here, to give to the local people on remote islands.

The weather here has cooled into the 80's and is perfect. The ocean now even feels a touch warm!

All the best to everyone!


Food Distributions -

We did many food distributions and it was wonderful to watch the locals work together to get it done!! They were always so thankful and hard working. They were always out of gas for their local boat, so we'd give gas first to get them up and running, but then they were off.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Commute to Work -

Sometimes our commute to work was a little hairy!! Over reefs, up muddy hills, on rocky cliffs, 4-wheeling on muddy roads with downed trees, across waterfalls, etc. But it was always an adventure and it was totally worth it! We were enjoying every minute of the fascination that these are challenges these people face on a daily basis. We take transportation for granted, but any medical help, building supplies and food must be locally grown or struggle the roads, waters, and trails to get there. We have learned to appreciate our infrastructure, although it certainly alters the natural beauty that this place definitely has. Which would you choose?