Friday, August 7, 2015

What an Adventure! -

We are having a super great time here. We found a wonderful village that is so remote many of the people haven't ever seen a white child. The houses are mostly traditional with bamboo walls, and thatch roofs. There are puppies, and baby chickens everywhere!  Both Vitality and Innocence have set up home with a litter of six puppies.  Fortunately the dogs are eaten here, so they are well fed, and there are not many. The cats taste so good though that we were only able to find 2 of them.

This is a very special part of the island.  You can really only come here when the wind blows from the wrong direction, so very few people come here. The village where we are now migrated here on August 8th 1960 when the nearby volcanic island that they were living on started erupting!  And it is still erupting to this day.  Tomorrow they have a festival celebrating/remembering when they came here! 

Great times!