Monday, June 8, 2015

Big Fish!

That is a giant male dorado! And they are delicious!

Trading clothes for fresh food -

Saw a 73-year-old man onshore today with open, weeping leg ulcers. Asked if we could dress those for him. Then we left some dressing supplies to continue caring for the wounds. He was widowed and has no children as we were asking whom to leave the supplies with or who would be doing the dressing changes. But he doesn't live alone; he lives with his granddaughter apparently. How again do you get a granddaughter if you don't have any children?

Excellent evening trade! We arranged to trade some pamplemoose for some clothing. We brought in a 10 gallon bag with lots of sizes of children's clothing, teen girls, and men's shirts, then some reading glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste as a bonus. The women enjoyed them and shared nicely for those with the right sized children. Then they all came in with different things from their gardens - pamplemoose, tangerines, island spinach, taro root, snake green thing (like a long, skinny squash, couldn't understand name), yams, etc. We left with the same bag full of fresh local foods. It was wonderful!! I went up to see an ailing man, then as we returned I saw a little 3-year-old wearing one of my boy's old shirts. Soo cute. Win-win!! Now to learn to cook the local foods so the kids will eat it . . .

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lion Fish

Shannon swimming with black and white Lion Fish

Cultural Immersion

The girls riding to shore with Martin in his outrigger canoe. He came out for peanut butter sandwiches and swinging, then took them back to shore to play. This is perfect cultural immersion!