Swinging nicely from the halliard

On the bow ladder

Up the mast

Off Santa Cruz Island

Kayaking through a cave

Kids at the beach

Vitality in Newport Beach chasing seagulls

A whole pod of whales - great shot Cassidy!!

Gorgeous day at sea


Gorgeous waters off of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Island

Valiant takes his position seriously

Loving the front pulpit seats!!

Santa Barbara sea lions

Santa Barbara from the water

In full glory

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  1. Thank, thank you, thank you,for our family joining yours on a cruise to Santa Cruz Island. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously, and will always cherish the memories created. Watching two special people, whom we love grow and prosper their family, has been a joy to behold.

    May the Lord watch over and protect you in your adventures to come.
    The Kirk's