Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Isle de Pin

We are at a coral encrusted island with many tiny islands creating idyllic anchorages. These anchorage are very shallow, and only boats with minimal draft can use them. Hence we have had these anchorage all to ourselves.

Where we are now is a special spot, as there is a 'secret' well known swimming hole that is fantastic for the children. Of course they are unable to just stay in the giant pool, but need to explore the neighboring tide pools, and craggy rocks. They found a large sea snake enjoying some time on the rocks, and all had a turn petting it. The sand river that leads to the swimming hole is a perfect warm up, and wind down for the swimming hole.

Everyone is enjoying our slower pace, and loving the soft sandy beaches!


Hiding -

I remember those days on the beach!
A chunk of styrofoam for a boat, and a parent to hide behind! What else could a child want?