Monday, July 7, 2014

Latitude 38 Rally This Past Weekend - July 4 - 6, 2014

Pacific Puddle Jump Rally Fun

Had a great time at the rally this weekend!!  There was a cocktail party with traditional dancing Friday night; we were given T-shirts and lots of information about cruising the local area.  Saturday was a rally where 18 boats sailed across to Moorea.   We came in around 10 of 18 boats and weren't in a rush, so we were happy with that.  The kids and I hit the pool at the hotel, then that night there was another cocktail party, then a nice dinner and dancing show.

Cassidy and the other kids showed very well yesterday in the canoe races (2nd place of 16 teams), coconut husking, tug-of-war, etc.  They had a lunch of roasted veal, but it was $30/plate and we sat that out and brought our own picnic lunch.  We swam in the pool, and then they had another dance show and an awards ceremony.  We had a very nice time.  There are pictures likely to be posted on Facebook and latitude 38, as well as there was a local photographer who is posting pictures from his newspaper or publication of sorts.    Facebook - philippevinckier, archipelagoes, tahiticrew.  Also at  This was the information on the signs.

 We have a working rudder and prop, so can get by without the other, but we're a little unbalanced, so it's not ideal long term.  When we arrived here, we borrowed a prop from another boat that had a spare the same shaft size as ours.  Courage got it installed, so now we can have functioning motors on each side.  Now just the steering.  We are hoping that the rudder and prop are being worked on while we are out here.

We are doing well,


Our rudder improvements done in Taou

July 4, 2014 Pacific Puddle Jump Rally

At the Pacific Puddle Jump rally tonight. Going to Moorea tomorrow with the rally!! Rudder and prop in the shop, may as well go enjoy our time!