Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home Again -

Tons of thanks to Gentle for a last minute airline ticket to appease customs and immigration and get us on the plane!  What a ridiculous game they all play.  

In Fiji we got held up because I had a power inverter in my carry-on and they didn't know what it did and had to be sure it wasn't dangerous.  It took the greater part of an hour with multiple people looking at it and talking about it.  Finally we got to keep it and get on the plane.

10.5 hours LA to Fiji, 2 hours in Fiji, 2 hours to Tonga, 30 minutes in a taxi, and we were home!!  

Going to settle in and relax!  It's a lot warmer and more humid here than in LA, maybe going to go for a swim!  We need to hook up with our shipping crate and get our replacement fans installed on the boat!!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Safely Anchored -

We are snug in Nuku Alofa at a place called Big Mama's. There is a giant shipwreck right in front of us, so we are set for some great times!

It was an all night sail, so I am going to grab some sleep, then go check us in!

The wind is supposed to start blowing tomorrow, so we should have plenty of wind power!