Our Boat

Welcome to our journey!!

We are the Winter family (see the Crew page for more details).  We have always loved to travel and always lived lives that were somewhat non-traditional.  We had to settle down a bit in our 30's to prepare to make our dreams come true, but now the reality has hit!  One year ago, March 15, 2012, we bought a project boat.  It was in rough condition, but the potential was amazing.  I think it takes a special eye to appreciate the potential beauty of it.  Here is a youtube link to the sales video.  

It is a 53 foot Kurt Hughs design with an additional 5 feet in the swim steps, so a 58 foot catamaran.  It is balsa core with twin 100 hp engines.  The exterior was nicely finished and the interior was finished to a comfortable level.  
The swim steps are the favored spot among the children
(even installed a seatbelt system since they were being used so much)

Innocence hard at work
My husband Courage and his 7 brothers and 2 sisters worked diligently on the boat.  Ultimately Courage and his brother Loyal quit their jobs and worked full time on the boat.  The kids would love to come and help!!

On January 24, 2013 we launched the boat in Newport Harbor.

The beginning of our voyage

We have been doing our shakedown cruises, finishing some interior work, adding lifelines, mast and sails, etc.  Everything has been coming together and functioning well.
It is now March 17, 2013 and we are almost ready to set sail.  We are heading to Mexico, down the coast of Baja, then to Isla Isabella and Puerto Vallarta.  We are then considering south to the Galapagos or across the Pacific Ocean to the South Pacific Islands.  There are so many wonderful adventures out there that we are sure any and all of them will be a memorable enhancement to our lives wherever the wind blows us!!
Interior photos - the bedrooms
Valiant's bedroom

The boy's pirate ship bunk beds

The girl's bed
Galley and dining room

Our dining table, plastic, mobile, and it works.

We refer to this as our Costco.  Makes a great pantry!!  We stock easily for about a month for 10 people.

These couch bench seats make the best seat in the house when you're underway!

The opposing bench couch seat and homemade shelves, bench below.


  1. Hi Lil Explorers. Here is Allure, as well a catamaran. We try to get in touch with you. Right now we are in Opua, anchored just across from the marina. We have heard that you will go to the Solomon Islands this season. So do we. So we, that is Edith and Patrick, thought we might chat about the Solomon Islands. Our e-mail address pathei@gmx.ch or our NZ phone 021 165 9234. Regards Patrick