Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cassidy's Photos - Summary of the last couple weeks

Sept. 28, 2015

I spent the day at the dock doing TONS literally I think, of laundry. Washed all our blankets, towels, sheets, all the kid's clothes, winter jackets, etc. Getting ready for New Zealand. Also using the vacuum and bleaching under the beds and things. Getting ready so that we aren't overwhelmed with things to do in New Zealand when we haul out. Now taking an Internet break at McDonalds, then having a friend boat over for lasagna tonight. Cassidy went with them to the cultural center today. Integrity smacked his head on the gate at the end of the dock, I think he was running with it and it stopped suddenly (end of the hinges I'm sure) so he ran right into it with his forehead. He got a nice laceration that looks like a gate on his forehead. I had derma bond (skin glue), 2 bottles had set up, but one worked, so I glued him back together. He may have a scar, but it'll look tough.