Saturday, August 17, 2013

Islands off the coast of Panama

We are exploring islands off the coast of Panama.

We are full of fresh water now, been getting more rains. Just made it to a remote island yesterday - very pretty, white beaches, palm trees. Snorkled in a tide pool with tons of coral and pretty fish. So many hermit crabs, I set down a snack of goldfish crackers and came back the bag was full of over 100 hermit crabs and no more goldfish. Found a huge conch shell, but not in very good condition. There's a couple structures here, but they are made of palm leaves and bamboo and are probably a shelter when they come here with their fish.

Wind, rain and waves rocking the boat all night and much of today. Did our school and snack and going to aim for the beach, hopefully not too cold and rainy. Were hoping to have a fire to burn our garbage, but not looking good today. We also don't make much power on these days with clouds - not much sun. The windmills can contribute.

Another weather pattern coming in 2-3 days, going to head in near Coiba National Park Island. There are 2 outlying islands supposed to be some of the best in all of Panama. We shall see. Hopefully more protected anchorage than this cute little island, there's no shelter from waves on this little place.

We only resupplied on food at a large fruit/veggie stand, so we are using our reserve cans of food, etc. since we've been out for over 2 weeks. Grandmother makes bread almost daily, so oats for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and rice, beans, veggies for dinner. Caught 3 nice fish on the way here so having good dinners/even lunch yesterday. Made brownies for the 3 fishing boats that are here. This evening, just as we were preparing dinner a fishing boat came and gave us a gallon bag full of shrimp! Excellent dinner, enough for another one or two meals!! Also gathered coconuts on the shore and shelled 4 of them. There were banana trees on shore. We think they are someone's, but they appear abandoned and not maintained. We collected bundles of bananas from the 2 trees that were fallen. They are small and green, hoping they will ripen, but not sure. Felt like a Costco run with all the bananas and coconuts.