Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Provisioning for French Polynesia

Well, today Innocence, 5 years old, and I bought $2,500 worth of food from Mega Depot which will be delivered semi-near the dock tomorrow (they make vehicles park at the entrance, not near the gate or dock). Another $350 of food from Riba Smith brought home in a taxi. I had us dropped off at the rocks along the causeway, which is a short dinghy ride to the boat, because I thought scrambling down the rocks with a 5 year old and that many groceries was easier than the walk you have to take to the stairs which slope downward and are mossy at low tide and in the dark. Found a 1" piece of rebar with my bare foot along the way. Not sure which is more treacherous. The Riba groceries are all safely stowed, now to drag the $2,500 from Mega tomorrow to the stairs and find places to store it all. I have officially begun the provisioning for French Polynesia - Priceless!!