Saturday, January 17, 2015

Childhood Memories – My Calculations

According to my memory I was Valiant's age (2) when we launched the family dream of living on the ocean with Easy Way.  When I was Vitality's age (4) we left San Diego with the wind howling!  When I was Innocence's age (6) we were down in Panama.  And at Integrity's age (8) we were cruising the Inter-coastal waterways.  At Intrepid's age (9) we lost the boat to fire, and started our migration back to California.

And now you know the rest of the story!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good Times Sailing with Kids -

So after a pleasant night of bright stars, the children start to stir.  By the time breakfast is done everyone is ready to do something!

First order of business is to generate some sort of a story for everyone to write. Innocence writes a one-paragraph story about being a princess, or dressing up in pretty dresses, and then draws a picture to go with what she wrote.

Integrity always likes to write about fishing, or catching a blue marlin! No matter what Integrity's story is though the drawing is always themed to him fishing and a blue marlin swimming past the hook, or biting it!

Intrepid has the most variety, but the theme of being the biggest helper is always there. Yesterday his story was a out taking the boat by himself to a deserted island, and today was about taking the dingy to the shore and collecting firewood for a bonfire! 

Vitality is responsible for taking Valiant swinging so the rest of the children have a quiet time doing their schoolwork.

Then it is off to the beach with a snack until lunchtime.  This afternoon the water was a perfect blue, (sometimes it is a perfect green), with fantastic visibility!  We had some beautiful snorkeling, watched the garden eels, and tried to hold our breaths as long as the fish.

 Until next time!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The volcano down here in Tonga is now erupting so much that airlines are unable to land here. People are now stranded here in Tonga. Might be time to start a tour operation!