Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 17, 2014

Last night at almost exactly midnight we chafed through our mooring line.  Fortunately we have about 1/2 a mile of clear water downwind of us before anything sharp!  I awoke to the sound of a splash and a quick inspection confirmed my assumption, we were drifting! With the flashlight I was able to spot the mooring ball drifting away.  I retrieved it with the dingy, turned on the GPS and started making my way to a nearby anchorage that I was comfortable anchoring at in the darkness. There were no issues anchoring, and after an hour or so I drifted off to sleep again.

This morning I dove the mooring again, tied a large dock line to it, and we are now moored for the strong winds and rain predicted for the next week!


Captain Intrepid -

Adventures in Tonga - December 15, 2014

So for the next two months I will be taking care of the five little children while Shannon and Cassidy are enjoying some cooler weather in Southern California!

When we come to tie up to a mooring we need one person on the engine controls and steering, one person to grab the mooring, and one person to relay between the two.  Intrepid is the power and controls guy, while Integrity runs communications, and I direct which engine should be put in forward or reverse, and which way to turn the wheel! The results have been hilarious, especially since Integrity is easily distracted, and loves to swing around the mast while telling Intrepid his version of what he believes I said. Then of course there is little naked Vitality who swings back an forth across the foredeck, singing some song that makes no sense, and knocking over any unsuspecting soul who wants to hear which way I am trying to have Intrepid turn the boat! And then without fail there is little Valiant who appears as happy as can be (naked also) with a simple request that needs immediate attention, or like last time, wants to show me where he pooped on the deck!  Innocence is ready to help, but wants a techy job, not one where she watches the little ones!  Somehow though we have never missed the mooring, and the poopy got all cleaned up!  Shannon has offered to send one of her cousins, but we are really doing great and enjoying all the adventures!  I am really enjoying my time with just the little ones.  Of course it helps that they are all little angels!


Back in the U.S. - December 11, 2014

After 5 days of travel, Cassidy, Wolfie, and I have made it safely to Los Angeles. - Shannon

December 9, 2014

 Had a great day in a rental car touring the entire island of Tongatapu. I am not sure if we were on some unmapped side roads or if that was the main thoroughfare about half of the time, but we had a good time and enjoyed some cultural experiences! Flying out to Fiji, then CA in the morning.


December 8, 2014

Cassidy, Wolfie and I have officially left the boat. We are laid over in Tongatapu for 3 days, then we are going to the states for 2 months to tend to some things. That leaves Courage with the 5 smaller children alone on the boat! Wishing them well, missing them already, and looking forward to updates!! On our end, we found a cute little B&B with 3 twin beds, internet, hot showers, and fresh fruit for breakfast, so we are doing well!

We walked for 4-5 hours today around greater Nuku'alofa. Was very interesting and we wore ourselves out. Back to the B&B with some fresh fruit and pastries for some R&R. Rental car tomorrow to see the rest of the island.