Monday, October 19, 2015

Opua, NZ

We are safe and sound in Opua.
All is super great, and we are loving it!

Arrived NZ -

I think we flew a hull there for a few minutes.  The wind was blowing just over 30 on some of the high speed jumps. I think having no fuel, no water, no food, and a clean bottom certainly helped. It was also nice to be in the lee of New Zealand, so the waves were not crazy big!

We are all super excited here!


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Land Ho! - NZ

We can see land, the land of the Kiwi!  We are hoping to be in port Opua sometime tomorrow.  We had glassy conditions yesterday, and the children played with the different jellyfish that they could catch.  Fortunately they left the Man-o-war jellyfish alone, they only play with those on the beach.

The weather has turned decidedly cooler, and you know it is bad when Vitality and Valiant are willing to wear anything. The concept of clothes seems to have eluded Valiant for his entire life, so he is now enjoying being dressed by his "big" sisters.  And the sisters can now wear their "Pretty Dresses" without overheating.

So far the trip has been great, with maximum winds at 35knots as we were leaving New Caledonia.  The highlight being visiting Norfolk Island and having a wonderful tour all around the island by a wonderful new friend Barry Christian who traces his family right back to Pitcairn Island, and Fletcher Christian.