Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Break from the rain in Bora Bora -

Washed laundry (again!!) with the rainwater this morning, then gorgeous sunny day, so we made it to the fuel dock, grocery store, then long dinghy ride to swim with sting rays and sharks all by 9 am!! Then the pool, back for lunch, just winding down when our friends on a kid boat Litorina, from Sweden, pulled in! So back to the pool we go!!! I think we're going to sleep well again tonight!!!

Cassidy playing volleyball in Huahine! She uses her tongue as a counterbalance . . .

Good Catch, Shannon!!

Cassidy Internetting at the marina in Bora Bora while the kids swim. We think she likes it here.


Got some swimming time at the pool today between rain. Lots and lots of rain today!! Filled both bilges and the 33 gallon drum in the cockpit, finally had to turn our hoses out onto the decks, we are full!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to Bora Bora

We made it to Bora Bora today, lots of boats doing the crossing with us it seemed. We could see 6 boats as we entered the pass. But it worked out great, good winds, sailed the whole way, and we were able to get a mooring ball when we arrived. The kids are in the pool at the MaiKai marina and I get free Wi-Fi time!! Yep, we are still OK.

Learning now how to de-stink pearls. Apparently there's a black oozing decomposing natural organic material from some pearls that you find when you drill them to make jewelry. "Natural" jewels come with their own issues, and they are sensitive to bleach, etc. Baking soda was ineffective for me; I can't wear my favorite necklace I made because of the stench. So after my research today, it appears I'm moving on to hydrogen peroxide attempts. See the things we learn out here??

Rescuing the Outrigger between Huahine and Raiatea

Found a floating outrigger between the islands of Huahine and Raiatea, so Cassidy jumped in, bailed it out, and we retrieved it onto our boat. (Not easy, sort of rough seas). Then we went to Raiatea, but had a rough night with winds of 25 knots blowing us right onto the dock, so we left this morning and are now at the coral gardens of Tahaa planning to snorkel with the tons of fish!! 

Oh, and a bonus, Courage was bit by an eel this morning in Raiatea who took a small chunk out of his finger. He was checking to see if they bite. And they do.

Wolf blending in nicely with our crew.

Courage and Cassidy pulling in the outrigger

Wolf with the outrigger at the ward in Raiatea