Saturday, April 4, 2015

Refrigerator Logistics -

It all started on April 2nd. The big ship with our refrigerator arrived. We watched as they unloaded shipping containers, looking for one that was super heavy.

Valiant and I took the motorcycle (Silver Ghost) over to the shipping yard. After getting bounced around to about four different offices, we got the news. The shipping crate had not arrived at the yard yet. So Valiant and I got some chicken and rice for lunch and went back to the boat. At 2pm I was back at the yard, and there was the refrigerator. After shooting to three different offices and paying $5 it was mine. This is the first place where we are not taxed terribly if we disclose we are shipping something in.

The only problem was that the refrigerator weighed 300 lbs. and since it was Easter weekend they were going to close early for a 3 day weekend! The people in the yard were super friendly and agreed to deliver the refrigerator to a nearby quay. (No bribes required, and no begging!).

We loaded it using the boom lift halyard, and cruiser buddy, and about six 'tough' dock workers who were happy to help. A great experience all around!


Heading Out Soon -

It is getting close to that time when we need to get serious and start heading west!

We are planning on heading out of here Monday or Tuesday, and the weather looks glorious! 10 to 20 knots right on our bum! Sounds like a spinnaker run to me!

The current plan is to skip Fiji and head directly for the southern most island of Vanuatu. The people speak a mixture of French and English, with there own village language mixed liberally in. 
So there are three boats in the "Mosquito Fleet" as we are affectionallatly referred to. I first thought it was an insult until we looked it up! The other two boats are a Swedish family with two young children, and a couple on a catamaran. We are the first wave of relief boats going in for Sea Mercy, then in mid May another larger fleet comes from Australia, and on July and August are the last of them. Our job is to do the most good, and lay the ground work for the next fleet. Letting them know what to expect, and what to bring. We are all chomping at the bit to get out of here!


New Refrigerator

It is big, it's cold, and it is installed.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pago Pago -

The harbor where the beauty reigns supreme!

Am. Samoa

The bottom line is Samoa is beautiful!

The motorcycle is once again proving to be a fantastic way to explore!  We used the local bus the first two days, and they were super. The buses are made of wood, right here in Samoa. They are made of plywood, and covered with a thin sheet of steel. They are painted with crazy colors, and have great stereo systems that are always on.

The people are friendly, but not the same as in Tonga. In Tonga the people wave and smile at me as if we are old friends, while the people here in Samoa, wave and smile, but not with the same gusto!

The island is very angular with high and super steep mountains. The jungle is very dense, and the only flat land is at the base of the mountains and quite limited.

The locals love Americans and America, and do not feel at all like the French Polynesians, who are not fond of the French at all.

Prices are less than half of those in French Polynesia, and the people speak English!!