Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cruising the Islands

Feb. 18

Nice beach day - Intrepid found an eel, maybe a small Moray eel?, saw 2 eagle rays swimming by, lots of jelly fish floating by the boat, Vitality caught one and they put it in a pan, had watermelon on the back swim steps, lunch, and now it's quiet time. Getting back into the routine. Probably leaving Internet this afternoon. We were going to swim, but the jellies floating by were a bit of a deterrent.

Feb. 20

Made it to Boyarena - nice little island that is all sand on top and no trees. It gets washed over at high tides. Nice snorkeling today, kids played in a large tide pool that was like a kiddy pool with no waves, sandy bottom, and about 1 -2 feet deep. It was perfect for them. Then cool watermelon on the back swim steps with sandwiches for lunch. Good half to the day.

Feb. 23

Nice island trip. Great day today! Sun, great diving rocks into a "pool", water slide on slick rocks, cold watermelon on the beach, nice swim back out to the boat. Perfect set up for naptime - while I try to sew some cushion covers. Departure to South Pacific rapidly approaching!!! Enjoying time with Cindy and baby Grace for only a couple more days. Doing great!

Feb. 24

Beautiful sail into Panama City today! Brought a family from Spain with us. They have 3 kids, ages 3, 5, 6. Kids can't talk, but played great all day! They run a sailing school in Spain and Contadora Island, Panama. 

Have loved having Cindy and baby Grace here for 2 weeks!! Went so fast. They fly out tomorrow and we will miss them!! But I'm sure we'll see them again soon! 

For those of you counting, that was 10 kids onboard for today's sail! One 15, all else under 10.