Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weekend Roadtrip

Had a great weekend!! Caught up with Field Trip for Michael's 8th birthday, then met a new cruising family with 4 kids who were brave/awesome hosts at their house where they are building a gorgeous 50 foot cat!!! 14 people, 1 bathroom, excellent hospitality and wonderful family!! So excited to see them on the water and hit the islands with them!! Then on to geothermal exploration in Rotarua and finally Hobbiton where we toured the Hobbit holes. Photos to come. . .

Valiant was warned many times not to touch the fence at Hobbiton, it was electrified. He kept touching along it, finally hitting the wire and crying from the shock. Later on the tour, he was told not to touch the fake cheese on a little table stand (Hobbiton, everything was just his size). He touched it anyway declaring, “It not hurt me!”