Friday, December 11, 2015

Heading back to the States for a year

All checked in at the airport - 8 suitcases, 8 carry ons, 8 people, and lots of "personal items." They had Vitality and Valiant sitting together, but no adult for 3 rows, thankfully they were able to change seats, so they wont be sitting alone. Just waiting to board! Kids are doing great considering its 10:15 pm here.

Monday, December 7, 2015


There are any number of great ideas for catamaran play!

Cave Photos from Family Circus

Went with Lil' Explorers and their 5 kids under 10 to go for some glow worm cave exploring, hiking and picnicing... It's nice to be in New Zealand... It's nice not to be the largest family on the dock... Hee Hee

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Abbey Caves

Fun day in the Abbey Caves with our new friends on Family Circus!! They are Americans with 4 kids onboard. Ironically, we met the boat in Panama when it was named On Delay and had been struck by lightening. It sailed up to San Francisco, then got turned over and came out across the Pacific to meet with us again!! We had a great time with spelunking through a river, glow worms, a picnic in a gorgeous field, a nice hike, and in the final cave Cassidy and Courage claim to have been up to their chest in water with an eel (but they only could see by headlamps, so the eel could have been any creature, right??) Got some pictures, will try to share.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ready to haul Out!

So we came out smooth, but at the end of the day. They got the bottom pressure washed and we are parked on the trailer at the top of the boat ramp for the night. In the morning, we'll be placed into our "permanent" position. But for tonight, we are heeled at about a 15% angle to the starboard. Feels strange.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Whangarei Sunset

Our beautiful sunset from our cockpit.

This is a pretty great place to enjoy the wonderful island of New Zealand.  We are loving our last 10 days here.


Friday, November 27, 2015


We had an awesome Thanksgiving here yesterday. Courage helped friends haul their boat while we cleaned, prepared dinner, and met with friends. Caught up with lots of great friends who even went out of their way to drive down from Opua to visit! Awesome potluck dinner at the boatyard which was a wonderful venue, tons of kids to play with, and easy clean up. Then we moved on to Lil' Explorers where we had 8 overnight guests, caught up with our wonderful friends talking over wine in the cockpit until midnight. Then today we got lots of errands done, while playing and catching up. Then this evening all those dear old friends had to leave and 3 new kid boat gaggles came over for movie night!! Watching an old classic as English is the second language for many of these amazing children and they prefer a movie that is already familiar to help them understand. Love cruising families!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cruiser's Rally

Great day today at a cruiser's rally. Saw old friends Fluenta (with 3 kids) last seen over a year ago in Niue. Got to meet up with Armagh last seen almost 2 years ago in Panama - they got towed in last night after engine failed 2 days ago, but they sailed nicely to the harbor entrance. Met Honey (we've met their 2 kids onshore in Vanuatu, but not officially met the parents) and Tangaroa (with 3 kids) who are new to us. Yeah for meeting old friends and family boats!! The kids were in the jumpy tent or at the petting zoo all day long other than a brief pony ride. Everyone fell fast asleep in the car immediately on our way home.

Meeting the Loveridge Family

Our Excellent Adventure meeting the Loveridge's and seeing their catamaran being built! What a lovely New Zealand family! We had 10 cruising kids together - scootered until we got bloody knees, picnicked at the bridge, saw the museum, the art gallery, played, and played, and played with the dogs, trampolines, tried a 3D puzzle, legos, colored, and everything a kid could imagine!